Support association

Support association

We are very pleased by the support we receive from the Friends of Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V. (Förderverein Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V.)!

The „Förderverein Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V.“ is an independent association of parents, relatives and friends of our education centre. It is committed to supporting the mission of our „Bildungshaus“ – for social justice, equal opportunities and free learning. The association was founded by committed parents in order to generate donations and is in close contact with the children, young people and adults of our childcare centre and school.

The donations are used, for example, to support parents who, for personal reasons, cannot pay the full school fee for a certain period of time (“Temporary Scholarships”). The donations also go to smaller and larger projects, such as the school yard for the secondary school, the pirate ship in the garden of the Alsterpalais or the play area in the childcare centre. Many more projects and families could use even more support!

We are pleased that the community of friends and supporters of our school also grows along with the school community. Many parents are already members of the „Förderverein Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V.“ – if you want to join, invite relatives or friends, you can do this at any time!

A donation to the „Förderverein Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V.“ is also possible for non-members and all donations are tax deductible.

And lastly – our bank details:

Förderverein Bildungshaus Alsterpalais e.V.
GLS Bank
IBAN DE61 4306 0967 2025 7807 00