Secondary School Qualifications

Secondary School Qualifications

Our aim is that the pupils of the Alsterpalais school develop into self-determined, compassionate, critical thinking and cooperative young people. They will be the responsible global citizens of tomorrow – no matter what school qualification they complete.

No family at the Alsterpalais is forced to choose which school qualification they would like to pursue after Year four. The children simply continue to attend our school and decide in due course which school qualification is the right one for them.

Since we are an independently operated school, our pupils take their final exams externally. In our experience, this is a challenge that they can master competently and confidently from Year 9 onwards. Exam preparation also follows our school concept. The topics relevant to the examination are taught – when possible – across subjects and years. In addition, our educators continue to accompany pupils intensively and very individually throughout these years.

First General School Leaving Certificate (external)

ESA – Erster allgemeinbildender Schulabschluss (external)

  • external exams are compulsory for all pupils after Year 9
  • written exams in German, English and Mathematics
  • oral exam in Biology, History, Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics

Intermediate School Leaving Certificate (external)

MSA – Mittlerer Schulabschluss (extern)

  • external examination for pupils after Year 10
  • written exams in German, English and Mathematics and an optional subject (Biology, History, Physics or Chemistry)
  • oral exams in Biology, German, English, History, Mathematics, as well as Chemistry or Physics

General University Entrance Qualification, expected from school year 2020/2021 (external)

Abitur – Allgemeine Hochschulreife (zukünftig, extern)

  • external examination for pupils after Year 13
  • Part 1 written exams in four subjects
  • Part 2 oral exams in four subjects

You can also find detailed information on the various final exams on the website of the Hamburg School Authority.