Englisch Learning in Action

Last term our year 7 students chose their favourite spots in Hamburg in the hope of persuading others to visit them. As a group we thought about tourist friendly places that offered culture, art, sport, food and many other things that may attract keen visitors. The kids created informative brochures and information pages that showed why they enjoyed their tourist hot spots and also practiced how they would tell people about them.

To put these skills to use we hit the streets to find some friendly visitors and show them what we believed are the best parts of Hamburg. The year 7’s presented their brochures and opinions in small groups and showed extremely good social and language abilities to share their hot spots to the public. While many of our new friends were German and found the prospect of learning about the local attractions in English a little funny, they were won over by an enthusiastic group of young language learners. The kids showed maturity and communication skills well beyond their years.

We visited the Rathaus, Landungsbrücken and the Hauptkirche St. Michaelis. Some groups had well over 20 willing participants who chose their favourite tourist spot and the kids then recorded their results. This proved to be a great experience of all involved and we look forward to doing it again next year (perhaps closer to summer so we have even more people to ask).