Welcome to Flachsland Zukunftsschulen!

Flachsland Zukunftsschulen gemeinnützige GmbH is an independent school and daycare provider in Hamburg.
We are a 100% subsidiary of Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. and build on more than 25 years of experience in open and mindful work with children and young people.

We include the Kita Alstertal, the Bildungshaus Alsterpalais with daycare and school under one roof as well as Campus29, an independent technical school for social pedagogy.

Kita Alstertal

Bilingual & integrative daycare

Bildungshaus Alsterpalais

Daycare & school under one roof


Vocational school for social pedagogy

Regarding free daycare, school or apprenticeship places, please contact the respective house / location directly.


Contact of the organisation

If you like to contact Flachsland Zukunftsschulen gemeinnützige GmbH please write to info@flachsland-hamburg.de

Contact data for journalists: oeffentlichkeitsarbeit@flachsland-hamburg.de

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