Nutriotional philosophy

Good for children and for the environment: We cook 100% organic food
We believe that food should taste good and be good for us and our environment. Since 2003, we have been preparing full-fledged warm lunches for childcare and school children in our commercial kitchens. All ingredients come from controlled organic production (inspection body: DE-ÖKO-006), only organic meat and sea fish from organic farms or certified fisheries are offered. Our goal is more quality of life for all, therefore we accept higher costs in the use of goods.

In the effort to improve the quality of life for everyone, we accept higher costs for the purchase of goods.
You can find our current organic certification here.

Since we use only 100% organic products and prepare the meals for the very most part from unprocessed food, our dishes do not contain any additives that require labeling.

Our executive chef Volker Jahr and his team know from years of experience what children like and what is healthy. They bring variety to the menus, are flexible and involve the children in the choice of meals.
It is important to us to avoid heat retention times as far as possible, thus preserving nutrients. That’s why our kitchen delivers vegetables, pasta, rice and potatoes mostly raw to our childcare centers. These meals are then freshly cooked on site.

Delicious, full-fledged and healthy: we serve lots of fruit and vegetables!
In addition to lunch, we offer fresh fruit and vegetables, which are prepared just before consumption to preserve the vitamins. This means that healthy snacks are available for the children every day. Of course, breakfast in our childcare centres is also made from 100% organic ingredients.

Our menus are based on the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition, which means, among other things: once a week there is sea fish (from certified fisheries or organic farming), once meat (Bioland or Demeter) and cereal and vegetable dishes on the following days. A purely vegetarian menu is also possible. The ingredients are selected according to the aspects of a whole food diet and preferably originate from the region.

Should a child have to avoid special foods due to medically caused allergies or intolerances, a corresponding medical certificate must be submitted. Our employees adjust to this needs of the child with professional competence.

Out of love for good food

High quality: experienced chefs love 100% organic food
Our kitchens are managed by executive chef Volker Jahr. “When I was seven years old, standing at Grandma’s sink, I already knew that I wanted to be a cook,” he remembers. His grandmother was also a cook, his father a master confectioner – he himself learned to be a cook at the Hotel Atlantic.

Volker Jahr has travelled far and wide. He has cooked on a cruise ship, was a chef in the USA, manager at the Blockhouse and for many years worked independently with catering companies. The working hours were never very family-friendly, that changed when he joined Kinderwelt Hamburg in 2003. Cooking for children had always appealed to him – processing only organic food was a new challenge.

Today, the catering economist leads a team of dedicated cooks in our kitchens. Among other things, he is responsible for staff development, supplier selection, training and compliance with hygiene regulations. What he particularly likes about his work is the use of 100% organic food: “Especially for children, I wouldn’t want to process anything else.”

You have questions about our organic dish offer?

Glimps in the pots

Favorite recipes for families
For our 25th anniversary, our chefs have compiled the children’s favourite recipes – as well as their own recommondations – in a cookbook. You can find all the recipes here.

Please note that we provide the recipes for private use only. Distribution, reproduction or commercial use of the document as well as any texts, pictures and graphics from our cookbook is prohibited.

Our suppliers

Only the best is good enough for us
When buying goods, “EU organic” is our minimum standard, but we go further and always use goods from organic associations such as Bioland, Demeter, Naturland, etc. wherever possible.
The products of the organic associations are subject to stricter guidelines in controlled organic cultivation.

Von-Estorff-Straße 26 – 30
29525 Uelzen

Demeter Felderzeugnisse
Neue Bergstraße 13
64665 Alsbach

Naturkost Nord
Am Bauhof 2
21218 Seevetal

Bioland-Fleischerei Fricke
Waldhof 8
25474 Ellerbek

Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen (Deutsche Wildtierstiftung)
Klepelshagen 4
17335 Strasburg/Uckermark

Hofbäckerei Wittmaack
Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße 8
22941 Bargteheide

Am Stadtrand 45
22047 Hamburg

Baukhof Klein-Süstedt (Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland)
Eichenring 18
29525 Uelzen

Schmalfelder Straße 25
24632 Lentföhrden

Sustainable agriculture

Flachsland Zukunftsschulen for more animal welfare