Aesthtetic education

Aesthetic education

With us, children and young people learn in a unique and inspiring place. The Bildungshaus Alsterpalais includes the beautiful, heritage-protected building with its modern annexes and garden, as well as the spacious, light-flooded rooms of the secondary school.

Since learning takes place with all the senses, it is particularly important to us to promote the children’s perceptive abilities in dealing with people, animals and things. To the same extent, we support them in creatively trying out different ways of expression and discovering them for themselves.

Creativity helps to solve problems and is therefore a key competence for the future. It is the basis of life and development for every individual and an elementary component of education.

Visual arts, music, dance, theater and literature play an essential role in all projects, forms of learning and grades at Bildungshaus Alsterpalais. From childcare to graduation, we create conditions so that children can discover and develop their individual interests, potential and talents.

This means that we provide them with the time, space, materials and technical facilities they need in their everyday lives. We also work closely with experts such as artists and craftsmen. We have two large studios and specially equipped rooms, such as the water play room, the movement room and the discovery room in the childcare centre, as well as the music room, woodworking, goldsmithing or sewing workshop in the school.

All of these rooms are an important part of the children’s day-to-day lives in the childcare center and at school. Here they can train their perception on the one hand and learn various techniques and try out forms of expression for themselves on the other. This also expressly includes the opportunity to fail and dare to try something new.