About us

About us

The „Bildunghaus Alsterpalais“ is an education centre with a childcare centre and school under one roof.
Our sponsoring association is the Flachsland Zukunftsschulen gGmbH, an independent school and childcare operator in Hamburg and a 100% subsidiary of Kinderwelt Hamburg gGmbH This means that we are building on more than 25 years of experience in open and attentive work with children.

Together, Flachsland Zukunftsschulen and Kinderwelt Hamburg run more than 25 childcare centres, the Bildungshaus Alsterpalais, Campus29 (vocational school for social pedagogy) and collaborations with primary schools.

Our philosophy

Our educational work is committed to scientific education and secular humanism. Among other things, this means offering children and adolescents the chance to find a secular answer to the meaning of life. Our goal is to enable the children to form a differentiated picture of the world and to discover their own point of view.

We are convinced that even the youngest among us want to take responsibility for shaping their living environment in collaboration with others. That is why basic democratic structures, personal freedom, transparency, having a voice in decision-making and participation at all levels are essential components of our educational work, which we consider to be fundamental children’s rights.

For us, personal freedom also means the obligation to create communal relationships that meet social and ecological requirements and are sustainable.


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