Secundary School (gr 7+)

Welcome to the secondary school (gr 7 onwards)

Our secondary school at the Bildungshaus Alsterpalais currently houses grades 7 to 10 and will expand to grade 13 in the future.
The older children continue to learn bilingually in the secondary school and continue to learn in teams across age groups.
From grade 7 onwards the children learn in the light and newly equipped building at Alsterdorfer Strasse 523, diagonally opposite the Alsterpalais. The older children designed and continue to design the playground behind this building themselves, in cooperation with artists and artisans.

Our students take external final examinations– click here for more information on the final qualifications.

It is also possible to move to the Bildungshaus Alsterpalais at later ages – click here for more information on moving from other schools!